A new way to browse.

Kuttle is a new way to fund your favorite Web content creators, without annoying ads.

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Spotify, for Web content.

With Kuttle, partnered sites get a payout any time someone visits their pages.

Users are encouraged by a banner to create a Kuttle account and support content creators, but anyone can still freely access content. Guests and free users will see relevant ads.

Content creators can also opt into discoverability features that recommend similar sites, and even other content operated by site owners. For example, a musician's blog can easily promote their merchandise or YouTube channel.

Connect to your users.

Kuttle supports OpenID, so users can have entertaining, personalized experiences without having to memorize yet another password.

And if your users particularly like your content, they can pledge monthly amounts, or make one-off donations.

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Kuttle is still in its early stages, but a lot of interesting stuff is on the way.

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